Executive Team for the 2017-2018 Year Elected

EWB MUN operates each year from May 1st, to April 30th of the following year (ex: May 1st 2015 – April 30th 2016).  The last thing that occurs each year, is the election of the Executive Team for the following year.  While many members stay on in the same role, some switch roles, and other roles are vacated so that new members are given the opportunity to step into a leadership position within the Chapter.

The Executive Team elected for the 2017-2018 year is as follows:




President: Anna Gosine

Interim President: Katherine Hatcher

Finance: Bethany Roberts

Communications: Adam Murphy

Monitoring & Evaluation: Alycia Leonard




Evolving Engineering:

  • Global Engineering Lead (A): Rowan Meaney
  • Global Engineering Lead (B): Rachel Tobin
  • Outreach: Stephanie Adey

Policy & Advocacy:

  • Advocacy (A): Kevin Bell
  • Advocacy (B): Samaka Gunasekera

Food Systems & Poverty:

  • Food Systems (A): Katherine Hatcher
  • Food Systems (B): Shamus Brown
  • Fair Trade: Katie Stone


  • JF: Anna Gosine
  • Kumvana: (VACANT)


  • Chapter Health (A): Emily Peddle
  • Chapter Health (B): Andrew Ferguson

Organizational Unity:

  • Small-Scale Fundraising: Neil Ellwood, Jenna Burt
  • Large-Scale Fundraising: Grace Marcoux
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Brody Mckeown, Brandon Collier


  • Exploration (A): Bennett Newhook
  • Exploration (B): Justin Elliott

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