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Who can join EWB MUN?

We have a very open door policy at EWB MUN, in that we welcome anyone who wants to be a part of our movement.  We primarily consist of engineering undergraduate students from Memorial University, but have an assortment of members ranging from engineering graduate students, to EWB alumni, to science students, and even members from other schools.  We continually seek to enrich our Chapter basis, and welcome people from all backgrounds, whether that be the sciences, the arts, industry, or otherwise.  We love new members!

How do I join EWB MUN?

At EWB MUN, joining means you contribute what you can; there is no formal membership.  We have a general chapter following and an executive team that gets elected every year (in April).  Feel free to simply get emails and educate yourself, to attend meetings, to help plan events, or run for an executive position – your level of involvement is up to you!

  • Email and ask to be added to our email list to receive weekly emails about meetings and events.
  • Attend one of our upcoming meetings/events. Visit the News & Events tab for more details!
  • Request to join our “EWB MUN” Facebook Group for regular updates and volunteer opportunities.
  • Like our “Engineers Without Borders – Memorial University Chapter (EWB MUN)” Facebook Page.
  • Apply to be a Junior Fellow.

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