EWB MUN began a few years after EWB’s inception in the year 2000. Today, EWB MUN is one of dozens of University Chapters across the country, from Newfoundland and Labrador to British Columbia! We self identify as a strong Chapter, having grown in previous years to the point whereby we now consider ourselves a leading Chapter among the EWB community.

For the better part of the last decade, we have been finding our footing in terms of what it means to be a successful EWB University Chapter. We feel we have found it, and are ready to grow our Chapter message beyond the doors of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Engineers Without Borders MUN is a collection of like-minded individuals who simply want to help drive positive change in the world around them. Not only do we ensure we abide by EWB Canada’s vision, but we have molded our own unique Chapter identity as well. First and foremost, we invest in ourselves, and make sure that members get the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and international development knowledge. We strive to ensure that the engineering profession adopt a more globally minded bedrock, considering the effect that a project has on all stakeholders involved. We preach the eradication of global poverty, recognizing our status as a wealthy, developed nation, and our responsibility to help those living in poverty both within Canada and overseas in Sub-Saharan Africa. In doing this, we hope to shape young leaders who do not just contribute to positive change in their world, but are capable of driving that change.

Some of our most notable accomplishments to date are; hosting the EWB National Conference in 2010, hosting the Atlantic Chapter Retreat in 2016, being the first Chapter to implement and have students graduate with the Global Engineering Certificate, and helping MUN attain the status of a Fair Trade Certified Campus.

We are excited to continue to grow our Chapter, and as we continue to bring in new faces each year, our influence in the local community and abroad steadily grows. We have reason for great optimism in the future of EWB MUN!

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